We thought you might be interested in a number of resources relevant to the scope and aim of this project.  These resources help us inform our approach while developing the module. We aim to use videos and other materials to stimulate discussion among participants in this module.

On Friday 19 April 2013 Professor Mark Brown visited Aston University and delivered a talk on  “The Quality Challenge: An Inconvenient Truth About e-Learning”.  

On Monday 28 January 2013 Professor Curtis Bonk visited Aston University and delivered an inspirational talk on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Find below some key extracts from his talk.

Part 1: Mystety of MOOCs

Part 2 – 20 MOOC Leadership Principles

Part 3 – 22 Types of MOOCs

Part 4 – A Dozen MOOC Business Plans and Models

Also, you may wish to listen to the ‘Great Debate’ from ASCILITE 2012 in Wellington:

Other talks that helped us inform our approach on the develoment of this module include extracts from the Going Global Conference. Watch below some exracts from the 2012 conference:

Going Global 2012- Transnational Education

Going Global 2012 – Bridging the divide: visions of education futures through technology

Globalisation of Higher Education: an Eastern perspective


1 Response to Resources

  1. Anne Wheeler says:

    Dr Galina Telegina of Tyumen State University, RF has offered this additional paper as a resource for the module:
    Telegina, G. and Schwengel, H. (2012) The Bologna Process: perspectives and implications
    for the Russian university. European Journal of Education, 47 (1).

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