Project Team

The core project team for Global Dimensions in Higher Education share a range of relevant skills and experience in Academic Development, Connected Education and Open Educational Practices.

Internationalisation runs as a key theme through many of the activities the project team engage with in their work, as does curriculum innovation.

We are complimenting the experience of the core project team by bringing in specialists from our own and other partner institutions to act as critical friends to the project, to review materials and activities for the Global Dimensions in HE OER module, and to participate in the facilitation of the module as guest experts.

Meet the team:

Professor Keith Smyth
Keith is Professor of Pedagogy and Head of the Learning and Teaching Academy at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).

Twitter: @smythkrs

Dr Panos Vlachopoulos
Panos is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Development in the Learning and Teaching Centre at Macquaire University in Sydney.

Twitter: @panosmq

Dr David Walker
David is Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Sussex.

Twitter: @drdjwalker


Dr Anne Wheeler
Anne is an Honorary Fellow in the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice at Aston University.



The team would like to acknowledge the contributions and support  of   Dr Karen Aitchison ( former Head of Academic Practice at Edinburgh Napier University) and Dr Lorraine Anderson  (Head of the Centre for the Enhancement of Academic Skills, Teaching, Learning and Employability at the University of Dundee).


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