Realising the vision of open educational practices

Our commitment to  practices which support the production, use and reuse of high quality open educational resources (OER) as well as our vision to enhance, extend and empower the role of the learner as a co-creator of content inspired our pedagogical approach in this project. Watch our latest video  with detailed information about the key principles and  educational approaches we have envisaged for the delivery of the Global Dimensions in HE  module.

Since our last meeting in July, we have been working hard to finalise the activities for this OER module.  We will soon be in a position to announce the first call for participants. We will be looking for interested individuals to participate as  both ‘learners’ and ‘ facilitators’ of synchronous and asynchronous learning events from across the globe. Watch this space for more information.

The GDinHE Team

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2 Responses to Realising the vision of open educational practices

  1. Hi – a you collecting a list of interested participants? please put my name down if you are.
    thanks (

  2. gdheoer says:

    Hi Roger, we haven’t started with this process as yet, but Yes we will keep you name and contact you. We will post a new message here as well about the timeline of delivery of the module.

    thank you for your interest

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