The idea was born…

Almost a year ago, Panos, Keith and David met up in Birmingham during the SEDA 2011 Conference. Among many other interesting ideas for joint research projects, they explored the possibility to work together on the development of a module on ‘Globalisation and Internationalisation of Higher Education’, which they could then offer as  an option for their Post-graduate Certificate in L&T  or for CPD purposes across the three institutions. The project was  inspired by Friedman’s seminal book ‘The World is Flat’ and by  Leadbeater’s ‘We -Think‘ initiative , which transformed the way educators think about openly collaborating, developing and sharing ideas and resources . We were also  encouraged by early  examples from creative individuals such as Alec Couros (@courosa) and his open access course on Educational Technology.  The team felt that there is definitely a scope to try out, in  a project, ideas and practices from the field and to  openly share with other academics lessons learnt about the complexities of creating a joint OER module.

Our collective view  is that early career academics and those who aspire to managerial positions need to actively consider the changing HE landscape including  local and global economic, social and technological variables which impact on the quality of course delivery. We feel that this aspiration can be better achieved in an open collaborative environment,  such as the one we aim to create in this module.

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